Hants Health and Wellness Team

You can make your life healthier – for FREE! The Hants Health and Wellness Team offers free health and wellness programs in the community and supports people in managing their ongoing health conditions. We primarily serve the communities of the Municipality of the District of West Hants, the Town of Windsor, and the Uniacke area.

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Course NameCourse LocationDuration - minutes 
Affordable FitnessISABEL AND ROY JODREY LIBRARY120 view details
Affordable FitnessNOVA SCOTIA WORKS120 view details
Be Good To Your GutWINDSOR LIBRARY90 view details
Be Good To Your GutHANTS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL90 view details
Building Better SleepWINDSOR LIBRARY120 view details
Building Better SleepHANTS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL120 view details
Craving Change: 3 Week seriesHANTS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL120 view details
Discover Your Personal StrengthsHANTS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL120 view details
Discovering Your Best Weight: 4-session programHANTS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL120 view details
Fat, Sugar, and SaltHANTS SHORE COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTRE90 view details